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Revenue automation
for mid-size tech companies

Say goodbye to living in spreadsheets.

Meet Campfire
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What is Campfire?

Automated revenue recognition and reporting for accounting and finance teams.

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Automate the entire process from contract to recognized revenue to cash

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Organize your customer invoice and payment workflow to accelerate your collection times

Rich reporting - campfire

Rich reporting includes customer and product-level analysis and an executive dashboard

Revenue automation

Revenue that recognizes itself

Automated revenue management, revenue recognition and reporting software. All in one place. Connected to any accounting platform. It's finally here.
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"Our time to value with Campfire was really fast. We're moving our revenue and invoice management out of spreadsheets and into Campfire to automate everything. It's a big win for us."

Jenny Jao
Head of Finance @ Sprig
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"Campfire is building the accounting software that I've always dreamed of having throughout my career."

Sean Deorsey
Chief Financial Officer @ Sifted

How Campfire works

Giving accounting and finance teams superpowers to do their best work.

Campfire reads your revenue data such as contracts, invoices, statements of work, spreadsheet or database into Campfire.

Begin tracking all of your revenue and cash collections such as invoice and payment workflow in Campfire.

Automatically computes revenue KPI's such as ARR and churn, and prepares your revenue recognition journal entry.

Integrations that actually work

Integrate Campfire into your financial tech stack to put an end to spreadsheet uploads and siloed data across systems.
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